COVID-19 UoS Security level 3 effective from 22 March 2021

/ 19 marca, 2021

We would like to kindly inform You that from March 22, 2021, the Rector of the University of Silesia introduces the third level of security measures against COVID-19 at the University of Silesia (marked in red as referred to the ordinance of the Rector of the University of Silesia No. 179 of October 16, 2020).
The third level of security introduces significant organizational changes in the functioning of University. We ask all including employees and PhD students to read the details available on the website: (also available in English)

The most important of them are:
• organization of classes only remotely;
• minimizing the number of people present in the buildings;
• closing the University to outsiders and employees (except for employees necessary to maintain the functioning of the University) and students with exceptions specified by the Rector (including the need to arrange a meeting in advance);
• organization of meetings only remotely
• introduction of remote work for all employees, with the exception of positions necessary to maintain the continuity of the University’s functioning, determined by the Rector and the Chancellor;
• realization of events only remotely;
• implementation of mobility only remotely (except for those for which consent was previously granted);
• restrictions on the functioning of the dormitories, including the prohibition of accommodation (NOTE: without the application of the ban on leaving the dormitories);
• restrictions on the use of research, teaching and artistic infrastructure to necessary cases, only with the consent of the Rector or the Dean authorized by Him.

We also provide recommendations in relation to the current level of risk appropriate for PhD students, also with regard to the form of conducting research and dormitories:

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