500 free licenses for Grammarly

/ 5 marca, 2021

The University of Silesia in Katowice are giving away 500 free licenses for Grammarly, including 100 for students and 400 for employees and doctoral students. The number of allocated accounts may change depending on the interest of specific recipient groups.

The suggestions in Grammarly is something else than the use of popular machine translation services – it is mainly the art of correct writing. The app will highlight the wrong expressions in the created text and suggest the correct grammatical and stylistic form, as well as select the proper words. Additionally, synonym suggestions will definitely help enrich the vocabulary used. What is more, the app adjusts to the style of the written text, so it will be useful both for writing formal texts and loose notes.

How to obtain a free license for Grammarly premium? Visit the University website: https://us.edu.pl/en/inicjatywadoskonalosci/idb-500-darmowych-licencji-korektora-jezykowego-grammarly-do-rozdania/

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