/ 5 czerwca, 2021

With great satisfaction, we inform that Marta Majerska, IEDS PhD Student, received support in the Small Grant Scheme (SGS) competition.

The Small Grant Scheme (SGS) competition aims to support Polish women scientists in those fields of science where the participation of women is the lowest, particularly in applied technical sciences. As part of the competition, individual entities from Poland may obtain funding for two-year research projects in the area of ​​applied research, i.e. industrial research or development works. 27 applications were recommended for funding. 5 applications were placed on the reserve list. The remaining 302 applications were not recommended for funding.

The topic of the project: Variability of arctic river thermal regimes in a changing climate (VariaT)
application number NOR / SGS / VariaT / 0162/2020
Funding received: PLN 740.303,62

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