/ 8 lipca, 2021

We encourage You to take part in competition entitled Honors of His Magnificence Rector of the University of Silesia which has been organized since 2009. The guiding idea is to promote active and creative attitudes for the benefit of the academic and social environment. The competition is a unique opportunity to award students and doctoral students with achievements in fields other than those eligible for various types of scholarships (science, sports). At the same time, for many students and doctoral students, the Rector’s Distinction is a kind of crowning achievement of all previous activities in the academic and non-university environment, significant scientific, sports, social and artistic achievements.

Below is a link from the website of the University of Silesia: https://us.edu.pl/en/zgloszenia-do-xiii-edycji-konkursu-wyroznienia-jm-rektora/

The application deadline is September 15, 2021.

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