/ 8 czerwca, 2020

Ivan Sudakov (The Department of Physics, University of Dayton) invites to take part in the virtual mini-symposium on „The Mathematics of Arctic Data”, originally scheduled to take place at the SIAM
Conference on Mathematics of Data Science (MDS20).

The mini-symposium will be held on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, from 2 pm (ET) to 3 pm  (ET). You can join the talks via Zoom.

The synopsis:
A rapidly warming climate is leading to widespread melting of ice across the Arctic. At the same time, the volume and complexity of data on icemelting grow rapidly since many new tools (such as remote sensing, high-performance computing, etc.) for ice observation and modeling are now available. Recently, many data-driven physical models of the ice melting have been developing with converging of different mathematical techniques such as data assimilation, geometrical and topological data analysis, neural networks data analysis, etc. Simultaneously, the complex structur of Arctic data leads to discovering unexplored phenomena where new mathematics requires. In this mini-symposium, we present the speakers from mathematics as well from geoscience to discuss how mathematics helps in Arctic data analysis and modeling and how the complex Arctic data may be urging new mathematics.

The full information about this event, zoom link, and materials can be found on the web-page

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